Our Services

Our therapeutic horseback riding program benefits riders to strengthen and build upon their cognitive, physical, emotional, and social well-being. It builds riders to boost their confidence, improve motor planning, gain a sense of independence, and self-awareness. While encouraging to grow in their listening skills to follow driection as they learn to strengthen their balance, posture, and range of motion.

Horseback riding simulates a three dimensional movement which is the same as someone walking. As the horse moves it encourages riders to learn how to balance, shift their weight and maintain their equilibrium.

Equine Liberty Therapy

In our Equine Liberty program clients learn to develop partnerships with their horse through exercises as simple as haltering, leading, and grooming. Through our collaboration with Leslie Nichols we also provide different activities to get the horse to work alongside the client that teaches a new way of being with the horse emulating how horses work with one another. Equine Liberty is the collective awareness of being in the power of now or present and acknowledging the body language between the client and the horse they partner up with.

Through work and play the client and their horse learn to come together as they tune into one another’s presence in a calm, quiet, and relaxed atmosphere with the only expectation for the client is to get their horse’s attention.

Lennon Equine Therapy offers riding experiences at no charge to the participants. 

Our programs exists solely on the support of people like you.