Our First Competition!

One of our HopeKids Audrina and Aribay had their first competition last weekend. Neither of them had competed in western pleasure before so they practiced very hard to learn the routines. They were both excited, but nervous for this new experience. As expected they blew us away with their connection and talent. They came in third and fifth in their division, we are so proud of them and cant wait to see what they do next! Audrina shared her experience with us:

“I was a little nervous at first but when I go out there I feel like a Shining star, I am so happy that Aribay trusted me to lead him, it only gets better from here on, thank you Mrs. Lennon for this awesome experience and opportunity.” ~Audrina

Thank you to everyone who helped them prepare for this day and who continue to support our program. If you wish to donate or volunteer to help please follow the link. https://lennonequinetherapy.com/donate/

Hugs & Hooves,

Lennon Equine Therapy

Lennon Equine Therapy offers riding experiences at no charge to the participants.

Our programs exists solely on the support of people like you.

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