As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization our funding comes solely from donations, grants, and funding events.

We receive no government funding. According to IRS regulations regarding 501(c)(3) organizations all donations are tax deductible.

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Our Services

Our therapeutic horseback riding program benefits riders to strengthen and build upon their cognitive, physical, emotional, and social well-being. It builds riders to boost their confidence, improve motor planning, gain a sense of independence, and self-awareness. While encouraging to grow in their listening skills to follow driection as they learn to strengthen their balance, posture, and range of motion.

Horseback riding simulates a three dimensional movement which is the same as someone walking. As the horse moves it encourages riders to learn how to balance, shift their weight and maintain their equilibrium.

Equine Liberty Therapy

In our Equine Liberty program clients learn to develop partnerships with their horse through exercises as simple as haltering, leading, and grooming. Through our collaboration with Leslie Nichols we also provide different activities to get the horse to work alongside the client that teaches a new way of being with the horse emulating how horses work with one another. Equine Liberty is the collective awareness of being in the power of now or present and acknowledging the body language between the client and the horse they partner up with.

Through work and play the client and their horse learn to come together as they tune into one another’s presence in a calm, quiet, and relaxed atmosphere with the only expectation for the client is to get their horse’s attention.

About Us

With an acre quarter pasture, three horses, and the events leading to her daughter getting out of a wheelchair and walking on her own two feet, Annette Lennon founded the Non-profit organization in 2002 in hopes of helping other children and adults alike regain their strength and heal their spirit. Today, we are working on expanding our facility as we continue to dedicate ourselves in helping others achieve physical strength and inner peace through equine therapy and therapeutic riding.

Back in 2015 we collaborated with Leslie Nichols who is a horse trainer and the creator of Equine Liberty Sports, which is a step by step on line teaching program that implements innovative ways in connecting to your horse with little to no equipment and working with them in their natural environment. Alongside the rest of the board members “Equine Liberty Therapy” was created as a program to bring a mindfully collective experience to veterans needing to regain a since of peace and freedom.

Our experiential equine healing programs encourages self discovery, mindfulness, and confidence building in our clients. As the positive experiences with the horses accumulates, it is our intention that the joy and hopefulness transfers into other areas of our client’s lives.


Therapeutic Riding

Helping those with physical or mental disabilities by restoring strength when traditional therapy has failed

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Equine Liberty Therapy

Helping veterans of all ages deal with depression and PTSD

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“This is helping me be more mindful and the people I work with. It is an awesome program to be part of. It is like being given permission to relax and be able to focus on the now. ”  ~ Curtis

Our Military Family

Equine Liberty Therapy is in memory of my son in law Curtis who was deployed during Iraqi Freedom, along with my oldest daughter Roseanne. During his third tour he caught an IED and paid the ultimate price.

Equine Therapists



Quinn is a 10 year old Egyptian gelding, from A&M Arabians. His training is in Halter Show, English and Western pleasure.  His claim to fame and favorite things to do is play soccer with our clients.

Aries (Arizona)

Aries (Arizona)

Aries (Arizona) is a 16 yr old Arabian gelding from Texas, with training in western pleasure and dressage.

Aribay 2019 august 8th


Aribay is a 10 year old Arabian Charro horse from West Phoenix. He has trained in western riding skills and he loves working with the children in our program. His lineage is a mystery so we are hoping to test his DNA in the future to find out his true history.

Form Van Raf  (1994-2018)

1994 Brazilian Arabian

A former reining champion, Form Van Raf enjoyed an active retirement as a equine therapist. He loved children and was a wonderfully gentle therapy horse who will be forever missed.


MiFlicka  (1994-2019)

Granddaughter of El Mochdtar – the horse they used for the Black Stallion movie!

Flicka Memorial Card-2


Forrest Frye  (2005-2019)

Forrest joined us in March 2019, he was a very kind and patient horse who was lost to soon due to a tragic accident. He enjoyed doing Liberty with our veterans and working with our kiddos too.


Lennon Equine Therapy offers riding experiences at no charge to the participants.

Our programs exists solely on the support of people like you.

Email:    Phone: (602) 316-0728