About Us

With an acre quarter pasture, three horses, and the events leading to her daughter getting out of a wheelchair and walking on her own two feet, Annette Lennon founded the Non-profit organization in 2002 in hopes of helping other children and adults alike regain their strength and heal their spirit. Today, we are working on expanding our facility as we continue to dedicate ourselves in helping others achieve physical strength and inner peace through equine therapy and therapeutic riding.

Back in 2015 we collaborated with Leslie Nichols who is a horse trainer and the creator of Equine Liberty Sports, which is a step by step on line teaching program that implements innovative ways in connecting to your horse with little to no equipment and working with them in their natural environment. Alongside the rest of the board members “Equine Liberty Therapy” was created as a program to bring a mindfully collective experience to veterans needing to regain a since of peace and freedom.

Our experiential equine healing programs encourages self discovery, mindfulness, and confidence building in our clients. As the positive experiences with the horses accumulates, it is our intention that the joy and hopefulness transfers into other areas of our client’s lives.