The cost of running a program like Lennon Equine Therapy is considerable, and you can help. Whether it’s a $15 donation that buys a bale of hay or $3,000 to sponsor a horse for a year, whatever you can give will help make a difference in the lives of our participants. If you wish to do more than simply donate money, please read about other opportunities to help Lennon Equine Therapy.

Lennon Equine Therapy offers riding experiences at no charge to the participants. Our programs exists solely on the support of people like you, who care about making a difference and know how profoundly horses can change lives.

Many of our horses have been rescued from Kill Pens or retired from competition. They are wise and happy to share their knowledge well into retirement years, but they do require additional medical attention to maintain their health.

Help us keep our Equine Therapist in their dancing shoes.

Help us keep our Equine Therapist in the best possible health.

Lennon Equine Therapy is passionate about rescuing from Kill Pens. The expense to purchase, transport and obtain proper medical attention is considerable. Our goal is to incorporate them into our programs or to find them a forever home.

Do Something Fun to Raise Funds for our Equine Programs

  • Ask for donations instead of gifts and your Birthday will change lives
  • In lieu of Wedding gifts donate to support a horse & rider
  • Holiday donations to Sponsor a Rider
  • Partner with a local restaurant, enjoy a meal for a great cause
  • Raffle off your Beard, highest bidder will choose your new style
  • A Lemonade stand is always a favorite

Goods and Services

We hold raffles and auctions in conjunction with some of our events, so donations of goods and services suitable for raffling and auctioning are always welcome. We can also use gift certificates from local tack stores like Stock Shop, as well as from No Waste Grindings and Karsten’s Ace Hardware.

Email: Phone: (602) 316-0728