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Helping those with physical or mental disabilities by restoring strength when traditional therapy has failed
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Liberty Equine Therapy

Equine Liberty Therapy

Helping veterans of all ages deal with depression and PTSD
Liberty Equine Therapy
No Lines. No Limits.

Our philosophy is about getting to connect with the horse both emotionally and physically without having to use the traditional methods of halter leads. It's about communicating on the horse's level to engage him and want him to reciprocate that back. Having an 800 to 1200-pound animal want to engage with the person and to trust them is quite an experience. The horse is a reflection of what the handler or engaged person is feeling. Thus if the person can express this to the animal then he can in turn express what he is feeling inside, without judgement, only the feeling of love back from the horse. There is a release - a feeling of inner peace to spend time with the horses. They have a gift to give back to those that seek that unique relationship.

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We are sponsored by US VETS.

Our Military Family

Equine Liberty Therapy is in memory of my son in law Curtis who was deployed during Iraqi Freedom, along with my oldest daughter Roseanne. During his third tour he caught an IED and paid the ultimate price.

Robert Shumaker

In 1968, during the Vietnam War, Annette's cousin Commander Robert Shumaker was flying an F-8 Crusader when he was shot down and captured by the North Vietnamese, becoming the second Naval aviator to be captured. For the next 8 years, Shumaker was held in various POW camps, including the infamous Hoa Lo complex in Hanoi, for which Commander Shumaker coined the term "Hanoi Hilton".

Through his entire imprisonment, Commander Shumaker maintained himself as a military man. He states that "When we were released, we marched to the airplanes to show we were still a military organization." During his imprisonment he would often think of his young son, Grant, who was just a baby when he was shot down and was eight years old when he saw him again. Robert Shumaker continued his military career, retiring from the United States Navy as a Rear Admiral. He and his wife Lorraine reside in Virginia.

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Established in 2002, our non-profit group is dedicated to spreading the miracle of our daughter's recovery and helping others achieve physical strength and inner peace through equine therapy.

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